Sunday, January 29, 2012

Organization Fail.

When I started this blog, or started thinking about this blog, I knew I wanted to try a tons of things and share my experiences. I envisioned these amazing recipes, style tips and DIY projects and they were all going to be FABULOUS! And you were all going to applaud me and be in awe of my mad skills being put to the test!

Yes, I have high hopes :)

Well, so far here on "Don't worry. Be happy. Keep learning." I have:

• Created a tasty new Chicken Strip recipe
• Made use of a wine cork while getting out every last drop of conditioner
• Created a wreath out of coffee filters
• Swirled together Heaven in a blender with frozen bananas, cocoa and strawberries
• Got a new hairdo all in the name of new beginnings and charity (*Update, I decided to send my hair to Locks of Love after some online research and advice from friends)
• Combined chicken, veggies and noodles for a simple Chicken Lo Mein recipe
• Began a love-hate relationship with Jillian Michaels
• Transformed the sleeve of my sweater into a fun bracelet

I'd say these were all successes... sans the applause from the crowd. In the beginning, I didn't exactly envision trying something and failing. Well, I have finally failed.

I recently attempted an organizational solutions that I found on Pinterest. I say ATTEMPTED for a reason. The original Pinterest post looks lovely. It says to install a tension rod under your sink, and hang your spray bottles on it. I imagine this is to get the bottles off the bottom of the cabinet and offer a pleasing image of an organized cleaning supply. Sounded simple enough, right?

Here is my inspiration from Pinterest:

Here is how my attempt went:

1) Purchased a 7/16" tension rod that was 28"- 48" long at Walmart for about $3 and place it under the cabinet.

2) Hung first bottle on tension rod, then second, then third, then fourth.

3) Hung fifth bottle...

4) Watched everything fall.

5) Felt sad. 

I tried this over and over before I came to the conclusion that this wasn't going to work out for a few reasons. The size of rod I bought is too small to support the weight of the bottles which were each only about half full. Our cabinet is just short of 3 ft. wide and the center of the rod was swaying and making a snapping noise each time. 

In order to make this work, I'd suggest using a thicker [than 7/16"] tension rod. However, if you get one that is too big (like a shower curtain rod), my guess is that your trigger to bottle distance might be too small to fit over the rod. So, something right in the middle maybe. Through trial and error, I'm sure this could work. It just didn't for me this time. 

I did end up straightening the bottles so I could feel a little satisfied walking away from this one. Until I get back to the store for another attempt, this is how our cabinet looks. 

What kind of things have you tried that didn't work out like you hoped?

* Update to this blog * 
Any reader can now leave a comment (even if you do not have primary blog account). Simply click on "Anonymous" in the "Comment as" drop down menu. I do ask that you sign your name at the bottom of your comment so I know that you stopped by. 

Thanks and Happy Organizing!


  1. sharpie pen the top of the trigger to see what is in the bottle a little better, ie glass, oven, floor ,duster, etc. Putting them tallest to shortest was a good though!

  2. Let me share you the way I use this idea: I have wire shelves mounted on the side of the cabinet from the inside. There I store the botles without spray head. The spray bottles I hang to the side of the wire shelf.


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