Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Get in shape.

In the spirit of trying new things and learning new workouts and ways to get fit without clocking over 30 minutes on treadmill, I've embarked on a workout video adventure. What have I learned?

I've learned that I hate Jillian Michaels.

Okay, HATE is a strong word. 

I really really reeeally dislike Jillian Michaels.

And I wish she would shut up.

HA! (It's nothing personal. I just don't deal well with people telling me what to do when I'm in a stressful situation. And basically, that's what all workout videos are about.)

I've also learned that I'm stronger than I thought.

And I've learned that there is a "sweet spot" in our living room a.k.a. the floor joist where I can do jumping jacks and jump rope and not shake the whole living room (in our over 100 year old home). If I try jumping at all and I'm not on the joist, the picture frames start to shutter in mere fear of Ms. Michaels, or so I like to think.

Regardless of my feelings toward this woman that I really don't personally know, she is whipping my booty into shape. I'm currently doing the 30 Day Shred that I purchased over a year ago, that has been sitting on my DVD shelf collecting dust. So far, I've done Level 1 a handful of times and can already tell I'm getting stronger. The exercises are not as hard each time and I am panting less like a sick dog and more like a normal woman just getting her heart rate up!

Mike finds it entertaining. And my cat, she just plops down on the carpet in front of me and taunts me. 

Tomorrow I'm thinking about bumping up to Level 2. 

We'll see.

Last night, I had Mike take "before" pictures of me (these may or may not be seen by anyone else on the planet besides us two). Never a fun moment to look at a photo of yourself in a sports bra and athletic pants, but what better motivation, right?

I'm thinking of getting prints of these pics made and putting them in the fridge. Or in the cupboard. Or carrying one in my purse. For right now, they'll stay on my camera. But I'm serious about this "get in shape" thing and I'm excited to get stronger and feel better.

What are you guys doing to get OR STAY in shape?

Happy Exercising!


  1. Kudos on the workouts! I keep hearing so much about the 30 Day Shred, but honestly haven't looked into it.

    I am doing the Ease into 5K (the old C25K program). I also just downloaded a program called Bootcamp and it looks awesome...gonna give that a go this weekend, which I may not live thru! ha I've used a series called Slim in 6 in the past and I want to get back to it as well, but having a hard time fitting the toning workouts in with the running. I for sure need both! :)

    I keep thinking I need to take a pic of me truly "before" but that is a scary sight, so I may just continue on with the same outfit pics like I already have. ha

    Keep going girl! You can do it!!

  2. We just got a Wii for Christmas (well, the kids did...) and we got the Country Dance 2 and I put it on the exercise part, with 10 has really shown me that I absolutely stink at dancing. I really hope no one ever sees me "exercise". Upside is, I love the songs! But I also do the tennis on the Wii sports. It's not like the real thing (obviously) but I can get a good volley going.

    1. Mike and I have talked about getting a Wii. Maybe some day. I'm not sure how much we would actually use it after the first couple weeks, ya know?

  3. Ang,

    Agree completely about the love/hate with Jillian. Good results, but I have to mute her. I am doing 30 Day Shred now. Ripped in 30 is another killer, but gives you quick results. Also, her Yogo Meltdown dvd is awesome. It's less yoga and more Jillian, so don't expect relaxing, but it is a nice mix up from the 3-2-1. I can tell you though, I was sore for days and that was AFTER two months of Ripped in 30. Good luck to you workout video buddy!

    Christy Larson

    1. I've considered the "music only" option, but then I wouldn't know when to switch when I'm on the floor doing abs. Do you have to keep looking at the screen to know when to stop?

      Is Ripped in 30 one of Jillian's, too?

    2. I've done them enough, that I just glance up every now and then to make sure I'm switching on time. Yea, Ripped in 30 is a Jillian. I think Ash has my copy. You can totally borrow it if you want to try it.


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