Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Braid All The Hairs.

Between being a mommy to two little crazies, running my Norwex business and keeping up with custom orders for my wood sign business, I'm busy! But I think I can say I am continually learning new things... daily, to be honest. Never a dull moment with two kiddos under 4!

You may remember a post I did about toddler hairstyles I'd tried on my {then} almost 2 year old. Oh, you don't remember? Maybe that's because it was way back in January of 2016. That's expecting a little much from you. Well, if you haven't seen them go check out those fun and quick styles now. Then, come back here and check out how I've progressed since then.

Obviously, my daughter's hair has grown very much since we started the experimental hairstyles. These days styling her hair is mostly out of necessity and only a little bit my need to challenge myself. If I let her wear her hair hanging down, I'd be tugging tangles til midnight. And if you know toddlers, and you know gal hair, you know tangles = ALL THE PAIN (and tears, gah, the tears).

So here is my latest attempt to keep said tangles far away from our home. It's a cornrow sort of thing, but to her it's "so many braids."

This one took a bit more time than the simpler styles I usually try on her, but I was feeling ambitious. It helps that the older she gets the more patience she has.

I recommend three key factors when attempting such styles:

1) Snacks (Breakfast is hair styling time around here, but food is key. Kids love food.)
2) Cartoons (aka distractions, something to focus on to pass the time)
3) Speed! (Keep practicing and you'll be quicker each time. But know your limits - and your child's.)


What are some styles you've tried on your little ones? What should I try on her next?

Happy braiding!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

One year later.

Is anyone still out there interested in my adventures in learning new things? If you're reading this, I'll take it as a "yes" from at least YOU.

It's literally been one year since I last posted about the DIY Play Kitchen I made my 2 year old daughter (who is now 3 years old). So much has happened since then, but I've had little time to sit and type it out.

I've, of course, been trying new recipes, throwing together quick crafts I see on Pinterest, launched a passion project of making custom wood signs.. oh, and I grew a whole new baby who was born in September. NBD!

Adjusting to life with two kiddos has been an adventure, but it's so fulfilling I can't complain much. In the name of "trying new things" as I boast on this ole blog of mine, I will say it's been a huge learning experience. It's so new - having two living beings (plus a hubby) to keep happy 24/7. One thing that rings true: I'm so tired, guys. HAPPY & FULFILLED, BUT TIRED...

#LifeWithABaby #GiveMeAllTheCoffees

Anyway, when I find a few hours here and there I've been hitting the garage cutting wood, staining, paint and designing fun signage and wall art. I've got a fun hobby going and it's meshing my graphic design love/skill/passion with my eagerness to learn new things with my obsession with all things power tools with my giddy love of building things from wood.

See examples below:

I literally have a waiting list of custom jobs that I have to complete. [insert kid cheering: "They like me! They really like me!" - or at least they like my style]

This new adventure really is a perfect marriage of all my creative loves.

So, no, I haven't completely abandoned my blog. I think about it often and then the thought is gone and I'm back to feeding a baby, wiping bottoms, going for walks and making lunch. I hope you enjoy my new adventure in signs. Any ideas for a business name if this thing catches on?

Happy Spring!