Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Make a Wreath.

This post is a little outdated. I realize Christmas decorating is, like, so last year, but I didn't have this blog then. Cha! I think I can still share my craftiness with you now!

There are so many options when it comes to making wreaths. I mean, really you can attach anything to a foam ring, hang it on your door and call it a wreath!

Well, I made a wreath! Yea! And I like it!

What you need:
• 12" foam ring - found at Michael's, JoAnn Fabrics, not Walmart (really, I've asked)
• Brown "natural" coffee filters
• hot glue gun
• Your choice of accessories

I don't have a step by step tutorial for this one, and I sincerely apologize. Reason being, I made it about a year ago, and failed to document it properly while making it. I did find this thorough tutorial on how to make one with white filters, if you're into that. 

Here is my finished product. I added our wedding cake topper "D" and some berries from my wedding bouquet.

Now that Christmas is over, I have removed the ornament. It's still hanging on our living room wall, but I'm considering hanging it on our door with some snowflakes or snowment accessories. What do you think? Are wreaths only appropriate at Christmastime?

• Make your own wreath using pipe insulation (Go here)
• Use push pins instead of gluing the filters to the foam - keep in mind this is a less permanent method and you risk having the filters fall out if bumped or blown away.
• Use fabric, or newspaper, or really any paper pieces in place of filters.

Happy Crafting!

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