Friday, March 1, 2013

Build a snowman.

My husband is part of a Fight Club through church (a men's non-physical fighting program) and each week they have assignments. Some are physical, some are spiritual, some are memorizing Bible verses. This week one of his assignments was to build a snowman!

We got a fresh snow on Wednesday but by Thursday afternoon, much of that snow had melted. We still had a little bit in piles in our yard so we figured it was best to do it now. Forecast calls for no more snow in the next week, and he only has one week to get his assignment completed.

Over a year ago, I saw this cute idea online to make an upside down snowman. I was so determined to do it last Winter. HOWEVER. . . we got like maybe 2" of snow it seemed and I wasn't able to get one made before Spring.

I told Mike what I wanted to do and he was game! It was so fun. I haven't built a snowman in years. I missed getting my gloves soaking wet and tromping through snow to find the "clean stuff" so Mr. Snowman doesn't look like he wrestled with piggies!

So here was our final product! What do you think?

Here's Mike with the little guy.

Happy Snowman Making!

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