Monday, November 26, 2012

Sand Paper Nails.

I've seen a lot of different nail polish techniques and tutorials and they always seem so complicated. Considering my nail polish lasts approximately 4 hours one day before it begins to chip, I really don't feel the need to spend so much time on my 10 little nails for a day's worth of enjoyment.

However, sometimes I get creative and think of ways to make it fun... even if it only lasts a little while.

Based on the "velvet" technique of using flocking powder, I came up with this little gem. The same day I did this technique I also did a finger with the flocking powder, and I love it! But it seems perfect for a later time... Christmas!

So onto my pride and joy... SAND PAPER NAILS!

What do you think? They actually feel like sand paper! It's pretty neat!

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Happy sand papering!

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