Monday, December 3, 2012

Flavorful drinking with Torani.

I really like coffee.

Nope. That was a lie. I LOVE coffee. 

I mean coffee keeps my body functioning daily. 

Okay that last one was a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point. So, when presented with a new way to drink my life fuel, I listen. 

I am part of She Speaksan online community powered by women who love to get the latest scoop and share what's hot. She Speaks gives you many ways to have a say, share and inspire others. One of the perks of being part of this great business is getting to try products (full sized stuff, y'all!) and give my opinion on them. I've tried shampoos and conditioners, panty liners, face washes and the latest... Torani syrup. Did I mention they send full sized products? Not sample size. FULL SIZE.

Imagine my delight when I got a box in the mail a couple weeks ago, opened it and found two... TWO full sized Torani syrups inside! I received Gingerbread and Sugar Free Salted Caramel.

A big ole thank you to SheSpeaks and Torani for these great flavors! 

The bottles came with a recipe booklet full of tasty looking concoctions and yes, coupons. I, of course, gravitated toward the coffee drinks like lattes and steamers and such. And since I'm super fancy and complicated (ba ha!) I brewed up a cup of black coffee and poured in some gingerbread syrup. Yea, just coffee and syrup. It was... yummy! 

I haven't tried all of the recipes yet, but I have discovered a new favorite.

A drink that doesn't contain coffee at all. GASP! 

I love making a steamer with the salted caramel syrup and warm milk (heated up in the microwave). It is fantastic! And since the salted caramel syrup I received is sugar free, the drink isn't crazy bad for you, depending on what type of milk you drink. 

So head over to and check it out! And if you're a friend of mine, come on over and help me use these delicious syrups! 

Happy SheSpeaking!

*This is a sponsored post for Torani and I received Torani’s syrups in exchange for my review. All opinions and thoughts are all mine.


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