Friday, November 23, 2012

Cleaning a Keurig.

Last year for Christmas my in-laws gifted me a Keurig coffee maker. I was on cloud 9!

I've used it daily ever since. Coffee, tea, I've made it all. Even the hubs has used it for his tea fixes.

What I haven't done is clean it yet. Yea, in a whole year, I've never cleaned the needle. As if she was reading my mind, my friend Kelly sent me an email yesterday with a link to a video on how to clean your Keurig properly. Excellent!

I just finished watching the video, then went into the kitchen and cleaned the needle, and it really was as easy as it looks. If your water stream is slowing or straight up not filling as quickly, this might be your remedy!

Check it out and go get to cleaning that machine!

Happy coffee making!

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