Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hike Kings Mountain.

In my last post, I talked about how my husband and I went on a helicopter ride in South Carolina. On the last day of vacation, we were in North Carolina with Mike's brother and decided to go hiking on Kings Mountain.

My man found himself a nice big walking stick.

And we were off!

Most of the hike was seen from this view... Mike's brother's back side. He does this hiking thing just about every weekend, so he's a pro. He keeps quite the pace!

Like the pace that might cause a gal that suffers from asthma in combination with high altitude to go into an attack. Yea, no big deal. I survived. But it was a fun 5 minutes while I got my wheezing under control and took a drink of water. We kept on going and an hour later we finally made it to the top.

One look around and it hits you... WHOA. GORGEOUS. God's creation on display.

There were quite a few groups of hikers and I walked around to a few and took group pictures for them (because generally I can't not talk to strangers). I feel bad for moms and dads with their kids who rarely get a pic of all of them together, so I like to help where I can. I also snapped a shot of the brothers.

And we took in the magnificent view.

Another check on my list of things I've never done, that now I have done. Trying new things really has broadened my mind. I'd love love love to go hiking again! Next time I'll bring my inhaler.

Happy hiking!


  1. I need to find us some good places to go hike! We really enjoyed it when we went camping (well maybe not my 9 year old too much lol) but it's a great way to get out of the house and exercise.

    1. Even if you can find a wooded area or something that would feel "adventurous" I think you could make it work! Let me know how it goes! And thanks for reading =)


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