Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday 15: Fall Favorites

I've mentioned a few times how much I love fall. Today seems like the perfect time to list 15 of my favorite things about it.

  1. Our wedding anniversary!
  2. Wearing hoodies (even at 7 mo. pregnant I can still sport a hoodie!)
  3. Drinking cider
  4. Having the house windows open (until it gets too cold)
  5. Harvest in the fields
  6. A trip to the pumpkin patch - our annual tradition
  7. Wearing boots
  8. Eating turkey turkey turkey
  9. Scarves, I can finally wear all my colorful scarves!
  10. Trick or Treat candy - it doesn't last long in our house, though
  11. Football season - Bear Down!
  12. Dying my hair darker
  13. Changing color of leaves
  14. It's not hot - I do not like hot (a/k/a Summer)
  15. Decorating our porch with corn stalks!
There are more things, but it is Friday 15 after all.

What are some things YOU would add to the list? Comment below . . .

Happy Fall!

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  1. How come people dye their hair darker in the fall? Just curious! I have been reading about this a lot lately. Do I need to dye mine?

    Great things! Love them all as well. I hate summer too... bleck. This weather has been such a blessing. Love the crisp, cool mornings! :)

    1. In the Summer I typically have lighter hair for two reasons, I get highlights and because it naturally lightens on its own from being in the sun. The reason I get highlights is partly because I like to switch it up and try new color, but mostly because my husband prefers my hair lighter. So, I make him happy for part of the year. But in the Fall I go back to my natural dark, which I prefer. ;) I like a good compromise. Plus, I have a kick butt stylist who likes to play around with new colors!

  2. Coffee!!! Wait that is all year.....seasonal coffee creamers :) And kicking leaves. It's something I've done since a kid with my Dad, always a sweet memory for me!

    1. Coffee was originally on my "fall" list but I drink it year round too. LOL But I agree, creamers this time of year are the yummiest!


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