Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DIY Mug Lights.

It's Holiday craft bazaar season. In a couple weeks I'll be headed to my first one of the season. One thing I find myself doing at these bazaars is saying "I could totally make that" or "that would be simple to recreate" and then I don't buy it. But I let time pass and I never make said craft. It's a funny thing.

Another thing I enjoy doing is going to friends' houses and appreciating how they've made their homes unique to their personalities. You all remember my friend Tracy's hair dryer & curling iron storage solution made from PVC pipe that her dad created - man, did THAT became oh so popular! Well, now it's time to showcase my friend Sarah's husband's handy work.

What would YOU do if you had boring stock can lights in your kitchen? Live with them or buy a lighting kit and a couple of mugs and make something awesome? Sarah and her husband Aaron chose to create unique and clever lighting over their kitchen island!

I asked Sarah to brief me on she and her husband's experience making these and this is what she said, "We already had can lights, so he bought the hanging kit at Lowes. I think it was $10ish. There are other kits you can buy if you don't have exisiting can lights. I bought the mugs at Target for 25 cents on clearance. Then he drilled a hole in the bottom of the mug and put it together. That's it. Voila!"


25 cents?



All music to my ears!!

I love how these look in their kitchen! You could do this yourself, but make sure you take necessary precautions before starting a project like this . . . um, you know, like turning off the power first. And, maybe hiring an electrician? I'm not good with electrical stuff, so I really don't know. But luckily Sarah has Aaron to do these sort of things for her!

Happy decorating!

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