Friday, September 20, 2013

Make an old vase new with burlap.

I'm gaining attraction to burlap.

As you may have seen, I used burlap "ribbon" (as I call it) on my Spring wreath. Then again this week I made flowers for my Fall wreath using burlap. I didn't stop at that, though.

Now I've used burlap to revamp a vase.

I keep hinting at the mantel project my grandpa and I have been working on. Now that it's up on my wall (blog to come soon, I promise!) I can put stuff on it! Like seasonal decor and picture frames!

I wandered around Hobby Lobby the other day and stumbled upon the vases. But, remember, I'm cheap? So I scratched buying one [for at least $25] and decided to use the green burlap ribbon I had in my hand already to go home and redo a vase I already had. If my husband is reading this: You're welcome, honey, for being thrifty!

This is how you could do it, too . . . All I used was an old vase, burlap "ribbon"and a glue gun!

See the sliver of a mantel there? Yup, that's the one I keep talking about. Oh, how I can't wait to show you. That post will take me a while to write, though, so hold tight.

Happy Fall, y'all!

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