Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I've gone viral.

: : AHEM : :
GLOAT |glōt|verb [ intrans. ]
contemplate or dwell on one's own success


I mean . . . DUDE! 

Can I gloat for a bit? 

I'm just a gal from a small town who enjoys crafts and cooking and baking and being goofy. I never thought my blog would be a big deal.

Today I logged onto Blogger and took a look at my page hits. The number one post I have is the Mac & Cheese awesomeness. There have been over 2,400 page hits on that post alone since a friend of mine repinned it onto her Pinterest board. WHOA! 

The second highest post is the one from back when I posted a picture of my friend's bathroom showing how her dad used PVC pipe to construct a home for her flat iron and hair dryer, I had NO idea it would be the hit that it is already! That post has had almost 650 page hits!

Wait! There's more!

One nice thing about Blogger is it tells you where most of your traffic is coming from. Usually I'll see Pinterest or other blogs, but today I saw "www.xfinity. . . something something" and thought "Whaat is that?!" 

So I clicked on the link and found this: http://xfinity.comcast.net/slideshow/news-geniushomehacks/13/

My friend's dad is a home hack genius! Say what! The caption reads:
"PVC Pipe Hair Tool Holder
Instead of dealing with a bunch of hair tools clanging around under your sink, try PVC piping in various configurations to store things like flat irons and hair dryers, like the one blogger Don’t Worry. Be Happy. Keep Learning. spotted at a friend’s house.
(Credit: Don’t Worry. Be Happy. Keep Learning.)" <--- Eeeek!

I find joy is small things and these two posts being big hits makes me feel like I've hit celebrity-status. So, now I'll deflate my head and get back to life. But I just thought I could share this HUGE small victory with my readers.

Thanks for pinning my stuff and subscribing. I feel so loved!

Happy blogging!


  1. You deserve it! Love reading your posts, Angie! :)

  2. I just found your Mac & Cheese recipe on Pinterest, and I'm trying it tonight. Freaking out a bit about having Thanksgiving tomorrow at my house...but something easy like this and a bit of meatloaf is exactly what I need tonight. Thanks!! And, you SO deserve the credit. I'm looking forward to perusing the rest of your blog. <3

  3. The supper was delicious, thanks to your easy recipe! I used whole wheat noodles, so had to add more than double the milk before it was all over, but it was great!

  4. How did you attach the pvc hairdryer/curling iron to the wall?

    1. It’s been a few years, so I don’t exactly remember. I believe he simply screwed them to the wall before capping the bottom portion.

  5. The link to the video doesn't work.

    1. Unfortunately it is a link to an outside website so I have no control over it. It’s possible it’s since been removed. Hard to say.

    2. The photo shown is a screen shot of the website so you get an idea of what you would’ve found.


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