Saturday, October 6, 2012


Two years ago I posted on my personal blog my opinion on voting. This year is a major year in our country as we elect our president for the next 4 years, so I thought I'd revive that post and put it here. I do this with hesitation simply because I've aimed to make this new blog all things not-personal. However, voting is something all we adult American citizens should do, so this applies to all my readers.

If you don't agree, that's okay. I stand by what I say.

Original post: November 3, 2010
If you practiced your right as an American citizen yesterday, thank you.
I have a few soap boxes and sometimes I choose to stand upon them and speak my mind. The topic of voting is one of my soap boxes. In retrospect, I should have written this yesterday or prior... but I did not realize that so many of my friends (specifically on Facebook) would express their distaste for "politics" and voting and that this would press my buttons like it has.
I am by NO means someone who enjoys politics. Or debates. Or watching the same commercials over and over about how awful the opponent is. Nor do I consider myself savvy on many governmental topics, in general. I didn't grow up in much of a politically driven or active home, either. However, the thing I am passionate about is educating myself on my leaders and in turn, exercising my right to vote on their ability to lead. By doing so, I have a say in how the country, state, county and town I live in is managed.
With that said, I whole heartedly believe that if you aren't educated on the candidates and what they stand for, you absolutely should NOT vote... But I also whole heartedly believe voting is not just a right, it is an obligation as a citizen. If you’re an American citizen 18 and older, and otherwise qualified, there is no excuse not to register, do your homework and get your butt to the polls. If you’re not registered and/or don’t vote, you have given up your right to complain, praise or otherwise express your opinion in this regard. This is not about those who yell about wanting to take America back, it’s about those that, by neglect, are giving America away.
My biggest gripe is with Americans who sit back and do nothing by way of voting, yet think they have a right to input their views on about how the country, state, county, town or even school board is run by whoever is currently holding office. That's like visiting a restaurant, sitting at your table and asking the server to bring you anything on the menu because you "don't care" what you eat. Then when your T-bone cooked RARE and smothered in Tabasco sauce is delivered, you complain that it isn't what you want or that you don't even like meat. You had a chance to place your order, but did not. Therefore, you should keep quiet and eat that bloody fiery steak. Otherwise, next time you come to the restaurant, reserve a table, sit down, place an order to your liking and eat your dinner!
Complacency by the masses and low voter turnout are resulting in policies that are slowly stealing our freedoms. If we do nothing or don't keep our elected officers in check, we are risking losing our chance to maintain what freedom we still peacefully have.
You have exactly one month to study up on the candidates. I encourage you to do so, then get your booty to the polls on November 6, 2012.

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