Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bathroom Update.

You may remember my personal success story bathroom redo post a while back. And you may remember the lack of door on our vanity at the time. What you didn't notice? You're blind.

I did finally find the door I bought at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, but discovered it's too big. And I'm not a carpenter, so I don't have the skillz to trim it to fit. Until the perfect door shows up on our front porch magically, I decided to go buy fabric. It only took me over a month to temporarily solve this problem. Don't judge.

The Problem: Gaping hole in vanity, exposed trash can and pipes, ugliness.

Solution: Anything but a hole.

I ran to Wally and bought a yard of $1 fabric. Because I'm cheap. Busted out my staple gun (uh, yea!) and scissors.

I don't love rules or measuring, so I did this all by eye balling it. Later I realized I should have measured, but whatev.

I cut off a section of the fabric that looked right and started stapling the top to the backside of the vanity. No real science, but I did "gather" the fabric so it had a flowing affect instead of straight across.

When I got to the other side, I cut it off (again, just eye balled it).

My ever-so-calculated estimates left me with too much fabric hanging, so I [notice a theme here?] eye balled the bottom as to where it needed cut. This is where I faltered. 

My left side ended up a little shorter than the right, but it worked out. I needed to leave part of it open so we can remove the trash can (duh!) so I only stapled to high hell secured the bottom right section of fabric.

And that's it. I can no longer see my trash or pipes or room spray when I walk in the bathroom. What do you think? Totally hillbilly?

I sort of think so, too. 


  1. crack me up, Angie! I think it's a good quick fix until you find a door. We're thinking about remodeling my mom's bathroom as her Christmas gift and I know there will be hillbilly methods involved. ;)


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