Saturday, October 27, 2012

Baby's First Year: DIY Monthly Onesies.

You may remember back in June I posted that I had a craft project coming up that I couldn't talk about yet. Well, I did it. And it was awesome. And I can talk about it now because the baby shower was a month ago and the gift has been gifted!

My friend Aimee and her husband Kenny are expecting a baby boy at the end of November. Last month, I helped plan her baby shower and it was tons of fun. I knew when I was thinking about gifts, that I couldn't just go pick something off her registry and sign my name to a card. She's one of my best friends and it had to be special.

I can't remember where I first saw it online, and I'm too lazy to start searching, but I found this craft idea on a blog and immediately knew I would someday do it for my own kid.

Oh, and then I realized I could do it for Aimee before that because it was such a neat idea!

I introduce you to the monthly onesies! A onesie for every month, starting at newborn. The idea is that you take a picture of the babe each month in the appropriate onesie. And at the end of a year you have a visual progression of how he/she grew. The best part? They're HOMEMADE! By me!

It's a very simple and fun project.

Start with any fabric transfer paper, a general design for your applications and an iron. For the transfer paper, I prefer the Avery brand over any of the others. The Next Style brand was alright, but the smell was a bit strong. I prefer to not feel like I'm in a wax museum.

I didn't take a pic of the actual process of designing the applications because it's pretty boring. Me, sitting at my computer, clicking, clicking, dragging, color change, etc. The VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT step you don't want to skip is the 'flip image' step before printing. This involves flipping the image horizontally (or mirror image) so it prints in reverse on your transfer paper so once you apply it to the shirt, it is the right way. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP! You'll thank me later, otherwise you'll print it wrong and curse the wasted transfer paper. And then I'll say "I told ya so." 

Next, cut the transfer paper as close to the image as possible. This prevents a "halo" effect with excess white around the edges. 

In this photo, the first month was already done. That is why it is not backwards like the others.

Place the image face down where you want it on the shirt.

The next few steps vary depending on the transfer paper. Generally, you will apply pressure and motion with the iron. Times will vary. 

Let it cool and then slowly remove the paper backing starting on an edge.

I made 12 shirts total varying in sizes starting with 0-3 months and going up to 12 months. As long as Aimee's babe isn't 50 pounds by the time he's 6 months old, we should be alright for sizes.

My favorite one is the ONE YEAR shirt. I didn't make this on a onesie. I made it on a long sleeve shirt, because DUH he'll be a big boy by his first birthday, no? And it doubles as a birthday shirt! 

I packed them into a basket in chronological order.

I also included a blank photo book for Aimee to put the pictures in after she takes them. I didn't take a picture of the actual book, but the cover looked like this (front and back). Again, I custom made this and replaced the cardboard that the album came with. I just slid in my own designs. 

You know how you feel really proud of some craft projects more than others? Well, this is one of those projects that I was so proud of when I finished it. And I was so excited to gift it to her at the shower!

I have another craft project involving a child in my life, but it is a gift as well. Once I give the gift, I can post about it. But until then... keep praying it's you that is getting the gift!

Happy Crafting!

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