Monday, October 8, 2012

Anniversary Photos.

As I have mentioned, today is my first anniversary with my husband. Yesterday we took some family photos at the pond where we had our reception last year. A while back I found a genius level idea that I knew we would do when our first anniversary came. I'm going to show you the steps I took to make the photo happen, so you can recreate this yourself.

1. Get married. (Easy enough, yea?)

2. On your wedding day, get a picture taken of you and your spouse. (Really, this shouldn't be the hardest step)

3. On your first anniversary take a picture of you and your spouse at the exact location holding an empty frame.

4. Get Photoshop. Or borrow a friend's computer for a sec. Or bribe someone to do this for you.

5. Cut out the inside of the frame you're holding in the picture.

6. Insert photo from wedding day into frame. And voila!

7. Do this every year on your anniversary.

I can't wait to do this many many more times. And when we have kids, we'll add them into the picture, too! I think it's a great way to chronicle our life over time.


  1. Love the idea!! My hubby and are going to start doing this. :) Great pic too!

  2. You totally rock. What a great idea. I'm 15 years behind...that would be a lot of photos!

  3. A very good article!! The same is for us guys, too. I'm in my seventies and am enjoying it because of these truths. In fact, I am trying to find Happy Anniversary Images. Do you might have?


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