Monday, September 10, 2012

Football dip.

My husband and I (by association) are huge Bears and Purdue fans. If that makes you stop reading right now, I didn't like you in the first place. (I kid, I kid)

[and we all know, in every joke is a bit of truth....]

Regardless of your favorite team, I have a fun dip/piece of true artwork for you to make on game day. I made this for Super Bowl this past year, but completely forgot to post about it. Now is the perfect time, though. Football season is here. Yay!

All you need:
• Guacamole - which I make myself with 2 avocados and a mix packet
• Salsa - this I buy in a jar, though you could so totally make your own
• Cheese dip - ditto to the above
• Sour Cream - good luck making your own of that
• Cherry tomatoes

It's really very simple.

1. Fill the middle "half" with guacamole

2. Fill one side with cheese.

3. Fill other side with salsa.

4. This is where it might get a LITTLE tricky if you're new to "piping" with a sandwich bag. Place the sour cream in a sandwich bag, twist extra bag at top to close. Clip just the bottom corner off and push sour cream through. You're essentially creating a piping bag out of the sandwich bag. (this technique can be used on cakes, cupcakes, anything really) Proceed to piping end zones and yard lines. 

Don't be too worried if you don't have exactly 100 yards or, in my case, your yellow end zone is crooked. Nobody will notice after they start munching :) 

5. Place tomatoes on the field (this are supposed to look like footballs). I realize that in a typical game of football, there is only one football on the field at one time, but this is food. Not football. Relax.

6. Place on a larger platter, surround with chips and enjoy!

At our house, we love all things that chips are dipped into. So this was a hit! 



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