Saturday, August 18, 2012


This entry won't be long. It's very quick and to the point. I tried something VERY new to me. 

I had sushi for the first time ever

Two of my girlfriends, Dina and Marah, and I had a date at Cerulean in Winona Lake. (Dina had never had sushi before either. Marah is a young pro.)

The experience in a nutshell was awesome. I felt very overwhelmed initially because most of the ingredients on the menu looked like foreign language, my senses were on overload and, to be honest, I was sooo intimidated by this new experience. I need to learn to relax.

For the appetizer, I ordered their tempura ebi sushi, which is shrimp, cucumber, spicy sauce and scallions. The waitress said it was a good "starter" for a sushi newb like myself because it is made with cooked shrimp, rather than raw fish. And it was good!

For dinner, I ordered the Arctic Char, which (according to the waitress and later confirmed by Wikipedia) is a cold water fish in the salmon family. It tastes just like salmon, too. It was served with fettuccine, house whey, olive oil, pistachios, roasted carrots and garden herbs. And it was fabulous. 

For dessert, all three of us ordered the Whoopie Pie gelato. (no photo, I dug right in without considering it) It was chocolate gelato with a layer of marshmallow cream between. YUM. YUM. YUM. If you know me, you know how much I love whoopie pies - like more than mac & cheese. And that's a LOT. I mean, how many other couples do you know who had pyramids of whoopie pies at their wedding reception in lieu of a giant wedding cake? Yea, I think only Mike and me. 

If you've never tried sushi, do it. My belly and my spirit left extremely happy and I plan to return very soon! 


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