Thursday, August 9, 2012

Neosporin miracle cream.

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There are millions of home remedies out there from which to choose. Everywhere you look there is a new use for witch hazel or baking soda or toothpaste. Well folks, I have a handy tip of my own and it involves NEOSPORIN! I've been using Neosporin for years on cuts, burns, rashes, you name it. The second I have any type of skin irritation I reach for this awesome stuff!

About a year ago it occurred to me that this miracle cream that heals all wounds (except a broken heart) could be great to heal a zit. A pimple. A third eye. After all, once you've tortured your clogged pore by pushing and popping and scraping, isn't it just an open wound at that point? Wouldn't Neosporin do the trick on your ugly red bump the same as it would a paper cut?

The answers are yes and yes.

After I've done the aforementioned torture (any other pickers out there??) I put Neosporin on said blemish and within a day or two it's cleared up. Much quicker than if I used the zit cream that just dries it out. Our skin needs moisture and time to heal. Neosporin does that.

Seriously, try it!
As if my personal testimony isn't enough to convince you, I'll take it one step further. I recently shared this home remedy with my hairdresser. She apparently went right home and tried it. After talking to her the other day, she thanked me big time for suggesting it to her. She (a fellow picker) said it has helped her so much and she's convinced. It really works.  
Happy people make me happy.

[I was in no way compensated for these statements. I am simply paying it forward.]

Have a great day!


  1. - I dont' know how to comment on a comment from my page, I'll fix it this week - but Coffe with cream/sugar is 30 calories. I'll do a cup a day after I get this water thing down. I can drink a pot of coffee just sittin here.. so it's more teaching myself that water is good. haha. And yes this miracle cream works wonders on zits.. or third eyes.. i've used it! the cream not the clear stuff tho. :) thanks for the comment! :)

    1. Just this week I started drinking coffee with no creamer because I realized my creamer had 10 grams of sugar in the 2 tbsp. I was using every day. It's been hard to adjust, but I know it'll help to save those 70 grams of sugar each week!

      So glad you agree on the Neosporin thing! Yes, I use the cream, not the clear gel, too. And I use it at night usually.

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