Friday, August 10, 2012

Laptop on fire.

My laptop is hot stuff.

No, like it gets super hot when it's turned on.

Wait. This is sounding all wrong. Start over.

I'm afraid my laptop is going to overheat some day, melt my counter apart, start a fire, burn down our house and our cats will run away in the chaos never to be seen ever again.

How about that?

Seriously! It gets so warm sometimes it's too hot to touch the bottom portion to move it. I'm really cheap and don't want to go spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a fancy schmancy cooling pad. [What, they're only $20 most places, you say? well...]

Until that big $20 purchase, I have been using my own solution. It's a cooling RACK.

And it works the same as when you bake cookies. Sort of.

It doesn't have any snazzy fans, but it does allow for air flow and keeps the underside of my laptop much cooler so I don't singe the top layer off our countertop.

My husband appreciates that. And our 2 cats appreciate a roof over their heads. At least, I'm assuming they do. They don't say much besides FEED ME.

Happy Friday!


  1. The ones with fans are BAD for your computer!! I have a $20 Xpad (they are the best according to my IT guy cousin! ha). No fan, just a simple pad that allows air flow under the laptop. My laptop never gets hot now.

    1. Sweet! Well I have a cooling rack. LOL :) I didn't know the fanned ones are bad. Thanks for saying that!

  2. Hi Angie! It’s not too bad for an improvised cooling pad! The space from under your laptop created by the rack actually promotes better air flow and keeps your laptop from heating. You can also try cleaning the internal cooling system of your laptop. The accumulation of dust is one common cause of overheating, so you may want to look into that.

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