Monday, July 23, 2012

iPhone Volume.

I've heard and read things about the speakers on the new iPhones blowing. It generally happens from playing music at max volume too often. Since I didn't get the Apple plan (stupid, stupid, stupid) I'm very paranoid about something going wrong with my phone. Oh wait, a month after I had it, I dropped it and shattered the screen. That's right. Almost forgot about that... [grrr]

So, in an effort to save my speakers on my iPhone but still enjoy my Friday morning dance party while getting ready for work at an energetic level, I fashioned this little contraption. 

It combines the function of a megaphone with my knowledge of the basic echo. And for the official record... it totally works! I keep my volume around 75% and put it in the cup and it increases! I felt like a mini-genius when I thought this up and had to share. 

Happy Monday!


  1. I found this out on accident. I put my iphone in a bowl & was so thrilled on how much louder it got!


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