Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vodka, Bud Light and Freedom Day.

Does anyone else feel like yesterday was Friday and today is Saturday? Too bad tomorrow is Monday again... sort of.

This year for July 4th celebrating, husband dude and I are joining our friends on the boat for a day on the lake. I've incorporated a couple Pinterest finds for the day's festivities.

First up was a special request from girlfriend Rachelle... Skip & Go Naked Punch. The name makes me giggle a little bit. I found the recipe here The It Girl Project via Pinterest. 

The recipe is easy. 
• 6 pack of beer (I used Bud Light)
• 1 can of pink lemonade concentrate (Walmart brand, holla!)
• Vodka (I used Smirnoff Strawberry). 

You pour in the beer, add the concentrate and fill the concentrate can with vodka and add that in, too. Mix it up. That's it. And! Delicious! My container isn't as classy as the original photo, but glass isn't safe on the water, ya'll. The Bubba Keg is the way to go! (HA!) 

Next up was assembling the Flag Fruit Kabobs. 

Ingredients needed: Bananas, strawberries & blueberries. Also some kabobs picks. 

I'm excited to eat them!

And as an extra bonus, I painted my nails for the occasion, too! 

I used the toothpick technique to make the polka dots and the less than impressive "star" on my thumb. You don't want to see my RIGHT thumb that I made with my LEFT (non-dominant) hand. It's sad. But I had fun doing it :)

Happy Independence Day, friends! Be safe and have fun! 


  1. I've seen lots of people post the fruit flag today! haha I am definitely gonna try that Skip & Go Naked Punch. It made me laugh out loud (at work)!!

    1. Do it, do it, do it! Rachelle and I loved it (and so did everyone else that we let sip from our cups LOL)

  2. love the drink idea! definitely going to try it!

  3. Originally I was concerned with mixing the beer and liquor, but it was delicious. I didn't get sick - and I have a sensitive stomach!

  4. That sounds amazing!! How do think Corona would be instead of Bud Light? Definitely trying!


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