Wednesday, July 25, 2012

House for Sale.

We did, in fact, sell our cute little home. We moved out right before Christmas last year, lived with my aunt & uncle over the holidays and were able to be in our new home on Jan. 2, 2013. We love it and are excited to grow our family here! Baby due in January 2014! 

Our house is for sale.

I mentioned our home is for sale in my last post about gardening, and it got me thinking. I have a perfectly snazzy platform right here to share about our adorable home that happens to be for sale.

(Click on the above image to view larger)

My husband and I are hoping to move on from this lovely place to something a little larger better suited for a family. We can't move on, however, until this home sells. 

So let me tell you about it...

This 2-story home is over 100 years old. It is well-kept and located in the quant town of Milford, Indiana.

Outside it boasts a large front porch, back deck, split rail fencing, 3 sheds (one looks like a playhouse), and a large backyard.

Inside you'll find 3 cozy bedrooms, 1 bathroom, original wood trim and staircase, spacious living room, formal dining room, foyer and kitchen with updated appliances.

The home is well-insulated and we installed a new furnace and AC unit in 2011 (in other words, the utility bills are low).

Our home is perfect for a first time homebuyer or single person. It would also be great for a couple (young or seasoned) looking to enjoy each other without children.

Please call (574) 453-6077 if you are interested in adopting our beloved home. We are anxious to begin the next step in our lives... minis!

God bless!


  1. Wow! Your house sounds perfect! And what’s more amazing is how you were able to maintain this vintage abode! Well, some people are very interested in this type of home. They love the vintage feel and style of this kind of property. I’m sure a classic-loving buyer would buy this in a heartbeat, especially if the property is properly maintained. And I think by now, one is already feeling the class and sophistication of your house!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I do love our home very much. Hopefully the right buyer will come along eventually :)

  2. It has been 4 months since you posted this, were you able to sell your house already? :) Selling one’s house also requires the owner to exert some effort to market his/her property. You can start by doing simple tasks, such as tidying things up. While you’re at it, better prepare the needed documents too, such as the deeds and purchase & sale documents. Also, hope you’ll post photos of your house, as this can further attract buyers. Anyway, good luck on selling your house! :)

    Kristopher Washington

    1. Kristopher,

      Thank you for your great tips! We did quite a bit of marketing on our own including newspaper ads, Facebook, etc. We also maintained a tidy home throughout the process and had photos posted in the appropriate places for home buyers to view. We did sell our home recently and are extremely happy.
      Thanks for reading my blog!


  3. Oh Angie, as much as I want to buy your house, I can’t! I think it’s perfect for me, my husband, and my two dogs. BUT it is far from his work. Anyway, maybe I’m fretting over nothing. Has it been sold? I think it is really perfect for new couples. A new couple and an old house is a nice combination. It has so many charms to be discovered. :)

    1. Hi Lakisha! Yes, we did in fact sell finally! We close on Friday as a matter of fact. The people buying it are a young couple so that's perfect!

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