Monday, November 23, 2015

4 year anniversary.

Hello all! First of all, what do you think of the blog redesign? Eh?

Second - We recently had family photos taken at the property we visit each year. The same property where we had our wedding reception in 2011. The landscape is beautiful and it's fun to return each fall to document our family (my sisters, mom and grandparents join us, too).

You may remember from years past how Mike and I take a particular photo holding an empty frame and I insert the photo from the year before - thank you Photoshop. We started this tradition on our 1st anniversary and have done it each year since. Now that our daughter is here, it's neat to see the change in her from last year to this year. I really do look forward to seeing how we all will gain and lose weight change year after year.

Here are the year's past to jog your memory (or you can check out my blog post from 2013 here and the How-To post here).

2012 (1st year anniversary):

2013 (2nd year anniversary):

2014 (3rd year anniversary):

And finally this year, 2015, our 4th year anniversary:

If you don't do something like this with your family, I really encourage you to start! I'm happy we did 3 years ago.

Happy Memory Making!


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