Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday 15: Looking forward to Baby! (Double whammy)

It's baaaaaaaack! Friday 15!

Not that most of you noticed, but I haven't posted a Friday 15 in like 15 Fridays (or some number less than that). If I'm being Frank, though my name is Angie, I will say it's because I forgot. Every week that passes is a blur because it's another week closer to meeting my daughter. Freaky to say that. My daughter. Our daughter.

Dudes, I'm going to have a child in a couple weeks.


And speaking of "our daughter" I thought it would be fun to make a list of 15 things I'm looking forward to when she gets here. This is going to be fun!

  1. Seeing what she looks like. (I have imagined her features for months and I can't wait. Will she look like me, like Mike, like both of us a little, like NEITHER of us?! Oh, the suspense!)
  2. Singing her to sleep.
  3. Reading to her.
  4. Being called mommy. 
  5. Seeing Mike be a dad & calling him daddy.
  6. Watching her sleep.
  7. Learning all about her personality, what she likes and doesn't like.
  8. Taking her on walks.
  9. Breastfeeding her.
  10. Loving her.
  11. Fitting into normal pants again [even if they're not my pre-baby pants].
  12. Saying good-bye to the heartburn, I hope!
  13. Sleeping on my stomach.
  14. Being able to touch my toes and comfortably put on shoes and socks again.
  15. Finally sharing her name with everyone that is waiting in anticipation!

Annnnddd.... As I was making the above list, I thought I could also make a list of 15 things I'm *NOT* looking forward to. But, really, I couldn't think of 15. So, I had to stop at 10. And really these 10 are minor in comparison to how much I am looking forward to meeting her. 

(These are meant to be read sarcastically, with humor and all with love. I really can't wait to meet her, but truthfully there are things I am not looking forward to.)

  1. Touching poop.
  2. Being puked on.
  3. Not getting more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. 
  4. Labor recovery. Enough said. (well, for that matter, LABOR)
  5. People wanting to touch my baby during cold/flu season.
  6. The crying. Lord, the crying.
  7. Losing the baby weight.
  8. Time management. 
  9. Doing laundry daily - cloth diapers for us!
  10. Breastfeeding. (Yes, this is on both lists. I am looking forward to it, but also anxious about her latching, the pain, etc. I am thinking positive, though!)
There ya go! The good outweighs the bad, which I suppose is a good sign! I'm so excited for her to be outside of me instead of inside of me! 

For the record: I'm not sure how much I'll be blogging after she's born or if I'll even want to look at my computer for a while since I'll be staring at her all the time. I will try to stay active on here. If there is a lull, it won't be permanent. I like blogging too much to leave it alone forever! 

Happy Friday!


  1. Ha! Our "not" lists seem to be about the same! I assure you...not sleeping is not that bad. In all honesty, waking up at 3am with Kinley and rocking her back to sleep is one of my FAVORITE times with her. Something happens to you when you have a baby, and suddenly sleep doesn't seem too important. And I can almost promise you, that once she is here...that "not" list will be obsolete! Being a mommy...well it's THE BEST! Can't wait to hear her name either! Congrats you two!

  2. Totally got choked up reading your first list! Then laughed reading your second list :) I cannot wait to see you be a momma and to hear what her name will be and to love on her. I promise I'll wash my hands until their raw ;)

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