Saturday, January 4, 2014

10 minute boxed cake mix chocolate fudge.

Before I go far, I will say that there's a catch to this recipe. 10 minutes is how long it takes to make this fudge. If you're DYING to have some fudge, this recipe isn't for you and you should just pound a handful of the chocolate chips. The actual wait time from start to finish is about an hour. 

But it can be done.

I survived the hour. 

So can you. 

I found a recipe recently for boxed cake mix fudge using sprinkles from a blog called Baked From A Box. I made that fudge according to the recipe, but it didn't turn out as SOLID as I was hoping it would. It was more of a sticky fudge and impossible to keep in its form as a bite size piece. 

This is how it was supposed to look . . . 

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This is how mine turned out unfortunately. 

I was reading on the post about solutions to this problem and her suggestion was "while the fudge mix is still warm, alternate adding 1 tbs at a time of confectioners' sugar and cake mix. Do this until the mixture is quite thick and difficult to stir. It won't thicken in the refrigerator, it will only solidify, so make sure that the thickness is satisfactory before you press it into your pan!" 

Next time I'll try that. 

Have no fear, though! This fudge wasn't an entire loss! As you saw at the beginning, this post is about chocolate fudge. Not sprinkled fudge. 

As I was mixing the sprinkles and the colors were bleeding into the mix my gears started turning. "What other ingredients could I stir into this recipe to create different types of fudge?" 

That, my friends, is how this chocolate fudge recipe was born. 

It's important to wait the whole hour for the fudge to solidify, as much as you'll want to dig into this stuff. It needs that time to set. 

Mike got home from work, saw the fudge in the refrigerate and tried a piece. A few minutes later, he went back for more. His comment was that the fudge is "really sweet, so you can only eat one piece at a time." 

He gives the fudge a 6.5 on the Mike Meter. The fact that he went back for more (as I've learned in our 2 years of marriage) means he liked it. If he didn't like it, he would have obviously left it alone after first try. 

I count that as a win!

Happy fudging? (ha!)

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