Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No matter how slow you go.

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I'll be honest . . .

Tonight I DID NOT want to run. It was cold, I am tired from not sleeping well last night, my calves are on FIRE and my body said "No, Angie, no!" But my heart knew those were just excuses, and I didn't have a legitimate reason not to get my butt outside and run. I've got a 5K next Saturday and really I should be further along in my training than I am right now.

Anyhoo... I did some burpees to warm up and I headed outside. I even said to Mike "I'm just going to go slow. I'm not really feeling it tonight." Usually I run the first mile and then walk a bit, run some more and walk, rinse and repeat . . . But once I got going, I felt God saying "Go, Angie, Go!" So I kept going, around my subdivision entrance, onto the school parking lot 1.5 miles away. I only stopped twice. Once to tie my shoe that had come undone and once to let the 18 wheeler pass before I crossed the highway. I figure that was pretty smart.

It was hard and my calves were still on fire most the time, but I used that time to talk with God. I don't take care of this body the best I can. I don't use self-control. I often give into my urges and have the hardest time telling myself "No." I'm reminded that this is something I will continually need to work on.

So, back to my run tonight! I know some of you might be crazy fast runners, but I'm not and I just have to celebrate that tonight I ran my fastest 3 miles ever . . . 35:41!

When I got back, Mike asked how I did and I just showed him my phone and he gave me a big high five. 

It felt good. And I'm so glad I listened to that voice in my head telling me to push myself. And no, I don't have a picture of me all sweaty and gross to show you . . . nobody wants to really see that.

Happy Running!

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  1. Thank you Angie for giving me motivation! What you wrote is just exactly how I feel about running/workout and is exactly what I go through while running. Maybe starting is the hardest part! I hope it goes very well since then, good luck! :)


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