Monday, April 1, 2013

Coffee artwork.

This coffee artwork project is one that has been years in the making. . . 

I purchased this gigantic mural from a garage sale at our hospital about 4 years ago. It cost me a whoppin' $5. No joke. And I kept it in my mom's garage until about a month ago. I knew I'd have a dining room wall someday that I could hang it on and what do ya know. . . I do now!

Considering the size of this mural, I knew it had to be either trimmed down or broken up somehow. My grandpa was a major help in this process. He trimmed the metal frame off of the mural for me. Then last weekend Mike and I dropped by and we made the BIG cuts. Yes, I cut this board into threes!

It took a few tries with the jig saw and then finally with the table saw, but it got done! We cut it into three 24" wide pieces.

The next step was to get it onto our wall! I purchased some mirror hanging hardware at ACE and measured out my wall.

One by one I hung them up.

I'm SO SO SO happy with the final project! Especially because I've had this vision in my head for so long. It's rewarding to finally see it done and hanging!

It continues my theme in the kitchen of cafe style. Next to the mural I have a faux coffee bean grinder hanging by the patio door.

And by the back door I have a coffee cup shaped chalkboard hanging with my shelf. I purchased this chalkboard and the vinyl clings for the wall at a craft bazaar in December. . . just $10!

And above our pantry I have a cool tin sign.

I love seeing some design elements come together in our new home. Getting settled and making this "ours" has been so fun!

Happy Decorating!

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