Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting settled.

Happy New Year everyone! I realize I'm about a week late, but with my Christmas post being late, I figured I'd keep with pattern and do this one late, too!

As I mentioned, my husband and I sold our house! Over the holidays we were living with family because the timing of moving out of our old house and into our new house didn't quite match up according to OUR plan. But in hindsight, we were fine. My aunt and uncle took us in for a few weeks and we are forever grateful for them. And when the day came to sign the papers on our new house, we were more than ready!!

Now that we're FINALLY in our new house, I've already started some projects that I've put on a list dating back to about a year ago (I was a little antsy, eh?). I couldn't wait to get my wreath on our new front door!

I made it for under $20. I bought the wreath hook, grape vine wreath, red berries and black "D" from Hobby Lobby. All the items were on sale, so it was a cheap craft!

My plan is to rotate this wreath as the seasons change. For now, I think it's a great winter wreath.

Also, while at Hobby Lobby, I found a smaller "D" in the raw wood section. I keep seeing posts on Pinterest for wrapping these letters in yarn. Well, it just so happened that at our White Elephant family gift exchange, my dear hubby took home a box of multi-colored yarn. You know, just what he's been wanting...err, what his WIFE has been wanting! I got right to work on that baby!

It was more complicated than I thought it would be with the D being a closed letter, but I eventually figured it out. I like how it turned out. Right now, it's sitting in our spare bathroom until I find a permanent home for it.

Since we weren't at our own home over Christmas, the friends' and family's sweet cards got thrown into a folder until we could display them. Literally within 3 days of moving in, I had this assembled on my cabinet.

I really wanted to be able to see all my loved ones' Christmas cards! It's so simple to put together, and it frees up the refrigerator doors. It's important to note, the string or ribbon you use should be pretty tightly tied. If it's too lose, the photos will slide down and just hang at the bottom of your cabinet.

As I do more projects around the house, you bet I'll be posting more. I know there is no stopping me. Afterall, I have a Pinterest board named "New Home" and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Happy 2013!

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