Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bake Owl Cupcakes.

In honor of my friend Shannon's birthday and her love for all things owls, I made her special cupcakes! This creation is in a book called Hello Cupcake that my friend's mom showed me. It has so many ideas for fun cupcakes!

All you need are Oreos, M&Ms and your basic cake mix and frosting. Prepare your cupcakes like you usually would and frost them, too. I use a frosting recipe that my mother in law gave to me. It might be super secret so I won't share it here. But, I'll just tell you it's delicious! It helps to shape the frosting so it looks like an owl's head. And coloring it is fun, too!

Once your cupcakes are frosted, place 2 Oreo halves with cream filling on the cupcake. This requires 2 Oreos, so you'll have 2 nonfrosted cookies for every cupcake you make. The leftover cookies are to do with whatever you choose. . . . . 

Next put 2 M&Ms of any color on the Oreos, these are the eyes. Then place an orange M&M vertically in between the Oreos and VIOLA! Owl cupcakes!

Aren't they cute? 

Happy Baking!


  1. Where's the Mike Meter????? Love it! Lani

  2. Wow, how did I forget that? Well, he liked the cupcakes (sampled a couple so I'm assuming they were okay) He had some criticism for the icing, since he's so used to his mom making it. Overall, he said I did a good job, though!!

  3. STOP IT! i though I was the only one who loved ALL things owl! i MUST make these cupcakes.

    verification word: clava. a hybrid product created by the mad scientist who brought home his unfinished clay art project to his sleeping volcano lair that decided to suddenly "wake up."

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