Monday, June 15, 2015

Cheerios necklace.

My daughter loves Cheerios (uhhh flavored oat cereal? Eh, I'll just say Cheerios) She also loves "pretties" aka necklaces.

I had this brilliant idea to make her a necklace of Cheerios to keep her busy and for snacking. I had all the supplies on hand: Cheerios (you could use any flavor), string, a large needle and scissors.

I threaded enough Cheerios to make a large necklace to fit her (age 1) and I alternated Frosted Cheerios and regular Cheerios.

From beginning to end it took me about 20 minutes. I found it most efficient to stack a half dozen or so at a time and then slide them onto the string.

I tried it on her and she really liked it. In hindsight, I'd let her snack on this OUTside since I ended up with about 25 halves of Cheerios on our carpet, but it's okay.

Whatever makes her happy! Cheerios necklace is Caraline approved!

Happy Stringing!


  1. Did you put it around her neck and either way what is your opinion on safety? Thanks!

  2. Yes, I did put it around her neck. My opinion on safety is never to leave your child unattended with something like this around their neck.

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