Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lamp revamp and such.

I haven't begun nesting yet. At least I don't think I have.

However, there are little "projects" around my house that I've been checking off my list.

One project that I've been meaning to do is spray paint some lamps. There's this one lamp in our living room that I've had a few years but never loved the GOLD. Not my style.

I removed the finial and shade. Then, I grabbed a can of spray paint and went to work.

First I taped off the part of the lamp that I wanted to save. You can't see it in any pictures, but I do like the reddish color on the top portion of the base, so I decided to keep it.

Then I sprayed it down using a metallic spray paint.

I used a cardboard box under the lamp in our garage, because it was raining. But in hindsight, I'd recommend using a larger piece of cardboard or doing it outside. I sort of left a mark on the garage floor. Oh well, character!!

I love how the lamp turned out. Even my hubby said he prefers the new color over the old gold.

And looking at the side by side of how it used to look, I like it even more!

While I was painting that lamp, I decided to spray a lamp I've had just sitting around (shade-less) that I plan to work into the baby room. I don't have a shade yet (so I won't show you the finished product) but it's one less thing to paint later. Plus, I just love this pewter color metallic spray paint!

Another small item on my to-do list was creating a bumper-like something or other for behind our trash can. I didn't take a before picture, but let's just say our trash can lid was tearing up the drywall behind it. Every time the trash can got scooted back against the wall the lid scraped against the paint. Over the last 9 months in our home, we had created quite the impression on said wall. So, I painted a piece of scrap wood and screwed it into the wall.

Now, if it scrapes the wood, I can just paint over it and our wall is saved.

I also cleaned out an old powder foundation container to use as safety pin storage. The plastic insert that sifts the power is easy to pop out and toss. The rest just needed a good clean.

It goes right into our "junk" drawer but it has a screw cap that keeps the pins secure.

I know these are all such little fixes, but they are 3 things checked off my ever-growing to-do list. It feels good to have a couple small projects finished!

Happy Day!

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